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Supporting 1to3 and raising money

Thank you for showing an interest in helping 1to3.  You can take part by volunteering at the school (or nearby local school) or in the clinic (only open one day a week at present) or by helping to raise funds for some of the initiatives in the community.

Click here for details of Wellingara Volunteer Scheme

If you would like one of the Trustees to be A SPEAKER FOR YOUR ORGANISATION  please get in touch with the 1to3 Secretary, Marj Jawo, who will contact the Trustee nearest to your location.

We would like to thank the various organisations who have invited the Trustees to give talks and then supported us by buying Gambian craft items and the very attractive notelets designed by Trustees Pam and Peter Nevill.

We have many organisations that have been extremely helpful in raising money and goods for the people of Wellingara.  We would particularly like to thank Open Gate in Derbyshire, Lions 80 Northampton, Burton Soroptimists, The Pingle School, S. Derbyshire, Drinking Foundation Organisation, Lions clubs in Holland and many schools around the country.



Occasionally 1to3 organise their own fundraising events, but we also rely on the support and help of the caring sponsors that donate money to the charity. Here are some top fundraising tips.

We also are often running our own initiatives to help raise funds for the charity. Please let us know if you would like to help out with these. Please contact Meg Lyon to express your interest.

Volunteering in the Gambia

If you are interested in volunteering, 1to3 and CIS have worked together with a group of ex-volunteers to organise Wellingara Volunteer Scheme which gives an opportunity to live and work alongside local people. Click on Wellingara Volunteer Scheme to find all details of how to apply, costs and opportunities available.


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