how the money is spent

How the money is spent

1to3 is completely supported by the generosity of its sponsors and there are always a number of projects that require additional funding. All monies that are donated go to support the charity and the people of Wellingara. The trustees do not take any salaries and all visits to the Gambia are paid for by the sponsors themselves. The creation of this website has been donated by Springmedia.

Sponsoring a child

Each £17.50 donation is split into 2 parts. £12.50 is given directly to the family to support them and help purchase food and clothing. £5 is given to support the school and this helps pay the teachers salaries, pay for school books and equipment and provide snacks and drinks for the children. We make a little go a long way!

Our sponsorship co-ordinator, Kenbugul Diko, oversees the payments to the parents of the sponsored children in Wellingara. His assistant Bubacarr Dampha visits the families to see how the money is spent. It may have been for school fees, new shoes or clothes, a bag of rice or medical expenses.

The sponsorship money makes a real difference to the lives of these children. The children are chosen on the basis of need, with the most needy at the top of the waiting list.

Sponsors also often donate money for different initiatives that we are campaigning for. Some of the other ways that donations are spent include the health clinic, mosquito nets, equipment for the school, toilet facilities, tiled floors in the school and much more. Click here to donate. Read the child sponsorship FAQ .

The Health Clinic

Now that the clinic has been built and is open for one day a week, the focus is on finding funds for medication. Click here to read all about the health clinic .

Mosquito Nets

Malaria is the greatest threat to the lives of children in the Gambia and responsible for the deaths of 1 in 5 children. The cheapest, safest, environmentally friendliest and most effective way to protect against mosquito bites, and hence malaria is the use of mosquito bed-nets. Many households/ families cannot afford to buy mosquito bed-nets coupled with other household and family needs, so we are running a campaign to help those families that cannot afford to buy them themselves.

Each mosquito net is dipped and costs £5.50 for a double net which can protect up to four children against Malaria. Thanks to the generosity of some of our sponsors the first batch of mosquito nets have now been handed out to the children with the greatest need.

Every donation helps, and any contributions are gratefully received. Click here to donate for mosquito nets. Read more about the effects of Malaria on children in the Gambia.

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